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Printing is only half the story, at inteliprint we specialise in a range of finishing solutions easily customisable to your needs. We do all sorts of things, so if its not listed don’t worry just call us for friendly advice on the right finishing solutions for your situation.

inteliprint offers a wide range of binding options for various document types and applications such as:

Plastic comb binding

Supplied with clear cover and leather-grain back, with a range of colours to choose from. Plastic comb binding is a popular choice for reports, assignments, presentation material, engineering and computer manuals, and student resources. The best thing about plastic comb binding is that you can add or remove pages without needing to use a new comb. It is also fast. We can do most documents while you wait, and it’s cost effective.

Wire comb binding

Supplied with a clear cover and leather-grain back, wire binding offers a touch of style to your presentation material, reports, or assignments. In fact wire combs are suitable for almost as many applications as plastic combs. Like plastic comb binding, wire comb binding can usually be done while you wait. It is perfect for one off documents that need to look that little bit special.

Saddle-stiched booklets

We have the facilities available to turn your documents into professional quality booklets. Ask us about this prior to printing however as these style documents to need special settings. The great thing about booklets is that there are so many options. Plus by having us print your document as a booklet you will save on printing costs. Ask us how today.

Thesis binding

inteliprint can print and bind your thesis to the specifications of your university complete with embossing. We also can print a copy on archival paper if this is required for your library copy.

Hard cover binding

An excellent choice for those special keepsakes. Have your family history, unpublished novel, poetry or what-ever you need, bound into your own genuine leather special edition.

Spiral binding

Spiral binding uses a single spiral that is wound through the documents pre punched holes and can be supplied with either clear plastic covers or a combination of clear plastic front and leather grain back cover. The spiral bind provides a professional presentation and is extremely robust.

Insert binder

The document is punched with either 2, 3 or 4 holes and is placed in the binder. A colour cover and spine can be produced to enhance the look of the binder. Tabs can be inserted throughout the document to “chapterise” the document.

The insert binder is extremely beneficial in the production of training materials where different sections of the document can be referred back to easily.

Perfect binding and burst binding

Self-publishers and writers take note. You don’t have to wait any longer to get your novel or literary contribution published. Perfect binding is your best choice for the economy necessary to get your book published and into the book shops. Call us today for a quote on your book.


That plastic stuff that protects your documents, posters and signs is available at inteliprint. We can laminate a full range of sizes, from membership cards, to certificates, to metre wide posters. We have matt or gloss finish products in double sided laminate or single sided laminate. Laminating will seal out moisture and increase the longevity of printing protecting it from damaging UV light.

inteliprint also offers combinations of single sided laminating and board mounting. This is the perfect finish for putting your posters and advertising material on display.

Why not mount your large size photographs of your holidays or family. Don’t have any? Let us print some for you. Bring us your favourite photo’s and we will print to size and mount or laminate them ready for your wall. It’s easy and a great way to show people where you have been, or help you remember someone special.

Other services

The cost of having folding, trimming, or hole punching volumes of paper manually by hand is not economical, or accurate. At inteliprint we have ways to improve repetitive tasks so you can save time and focus on what you do best.

Call inteliprint when you need print finishing solutions for your organisation or business.

Print Finishing

Digital printing

For printing just one or thousands of brochures, flyers, business cards, posters or any document, inteliprint, your Newcastle printer, gives you the right advice and a competitive price on printing services.



Maybe it's printed but needs trimming, laminating or binding? inteliprint can help you provide a professional finish to your printing. Call us to find out what finishing options and services we offer.



Copybind has been the brand of choice for photocopying and binding services for more than 20 years. inteliprint continue to offer this service for files and records you only have on paper.



Digitally scanning your records can reduce storage space, and secure against damage from fire, water or decay. Ask us today how we can help you scan your archives.

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