Document & Plan Scanning Services

Document and plan scanning services

The paperless office is far from a reality, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of the excess. Most businesses have boxes of paper records they are keeping just in case, but what if they don’t last that long? Digitally scanning your records can reduce storage space, and secure against damage from fire, water or decay.

We have the facilities to scan a wide range of documents. From the smallest of documents, to 42” wide posters in full colour.

Think of the amazing convenience and peace of mind of having your documents stored digitally. For added functionality why not ask us about our document management solutions. We can catalogue your files in a variety of ways. Don’t just store your files, we can make sure you can find them when you need them using key word, category, document class searches. Digital files are easy to store. Thousands can be stored on just one DVD. They are a breeze to find and quick to print. Call us today to discuss your scanning and archival needs.


Digital printing

For printing just one or thousands of brochures, flyers, business cards, posters or any document, inteliprint, your Newcastle printer, gives you the right advice and a competitive price on printing services.



Maybe it's printed but needs trimming, laminating or binding? inteliprint can help you provide a professional finish to your printing. Call us to find out what finishing options and services we offer.



Copybind has been the brand of choice for photocopying and binding services for more than 20 years. inteliprint continue to offer this service for files and records you only have on paper.



Digitally scanning your records can reduce storage space, and secure against damage from fire, water or decay. Ask us today how we can help you scan your archives.

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